Zoe's Gospel Promotions exists as a not-for-profit organisation that was established in August 1999 with the objective of producing Gospel music for artistes in the UK. We also aim to promote the genre nationally whilst engaging members of the public both young and old and from multiple backgrounds in community music projects that are co-funded by Zoe Records and other grant bodies.


VOCAL ASPIRATION (BARNSLEY) - Funded by he South Yorkshire Community Foundation

We partnered with the Barnsley Youth Choir and Barnsley Council to carry out this particular project. Participants from our Newham program took part in the performances on the 26th and 28th of July 2012.d 28th of July 2012

VOCAL ASPIRATION - Funded by the Olympic Lottery Distributor & managed by ELBA 

This was a music project to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. We conducted a series of creative workshops in five host borough primary and secondary schools to teach vocal skills and song writing. The participants have joined together to create an Olympic song that exemplifies their British values. We performed live showcases to the general public which were recorded and sold at the Grand Finale showcase.

JORDANS DEMEANOURS - Funded by the Heritage Grant

This was a three year research project into Black Gospel Music and how it impacted cultural black Britain, particularly within the church. The aim of this project was to interview members from the Windrush period who helped us to map out the timeline, experiences and growth of Black Gospel Music within the UK. A resource book was produced from this study as well as an online video documentary.

COMMERCIAL SENSE - Funded by Awards For All

This was a two day music business conference initiative that was dedicated to growing the entrepreneurial skills of the individuals involved in the music industry. It was followed by a question and answer session and a book written by the Director of Zoe Records consisting of how to start as an aspiring artist within the industry.


This is a live music night featuring award winning Zoe Records artists and up and coming performing musicians. It takes place on the last Sunday of every other month and has been noted as the hotspot to listen to talented performers within the UK Gospel music industry.

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